By Steve Dunn  Dec 2019

NB IoT is available now in 120 countries on 57 telco networks, and it is the only globally licenced IoT communications technology (by 3GPP/GSMA). NB IoT is part of the 5G standards and exists on telecommunication companies existing mobile networks. So why are so many telecommunication companies backing NB IoT? Here are 6 reasons why Telco's are backing NB IoT for smart access.












1. NB IoT Smart Access provides the telco's existing large enterprise customers with significant benefits including; improved security; cost and time savings; meeting regulatory/compliance requirements (e.g PCI compliance); tracking employees in real time; and exploring data analytics to improve management efficiencies. Of course meeting and exceeding customers expectations improves the relationship with them!


2. NB IoT smart access control can act like a ‘trojan horse’ for telco's existing enterprise customers to adopt NB IoT technology for other smart devices.  When the telco's existing customers buys NB IoT smart access control, they are immediately introduced to the benefits that NB IoT in smart devices has to offer their company now and in the future. In time, as more and more devices are converted to NB IoT, and sold by the telco's, the sales process becomes easier, and quicker - their customers are 'already sold on NB IoT' as a secure, reliable communication technology.


3. NB IoT Smart Access control offers the Telco the opportunity to choose an ‘end to end smart device provision’ business model at the top of the value chain, (similar to what they have now with mobile phones) offering the greatest returns and product bundling opportunities. Examples of other business models the telco can consider for NB IoT smart access include; connectivity sales to device manufacturers; NB IoT as a service; and End to End service provision.


4. The telco's have invested heavily in building the most secure, encrypted network on so many levels which meets 3GPP and ETSI global security standards, critical infrastructure compliance, and military grade application security. Telco's are realising, 'why build the most secure network in the world, if it can't be used in the physical security industry?'. 


5. A major portion of telecommunication products, equipment and technologies are intended to facilitate customer choice and control with regards to their communications. This should also include offering or at least supporting, the implementation of products, services and tools that enable large enterprise customers to better manage their machine to machine communications too, and not just their human to human communications.


6. A successful smart building implementation that has a focus on the customer will rely heavily on their participation and involvement. Customers want to play a part in the design of products and services that can achieve increased security, and management efficiencies, and make health, safety and environmental improvements.  NB IoT smart access control can easily be customerised and set up to meet customers expectations.

Image opposite - AT&T's Infographic about their NB IoT nationwide rollout.


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