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Go touchless with NB-IoT deadbolt attachment lock


Touchless, keyless entry without having to change your locks - installs on the inside of your door and automatically unlocks

Touchless and Keyless

Narrowband smartlock installs on your deadbolt on the inside of your door, and connects to the internet with NB-IoT technology. Narrowband senses when your phone is nearby, so it automatically unlocks your door for you so you don't have to touch your door handles. 

Kick open your door

Narrowband smartlock senses your phone when you are arriving home and automatically unlocks, so you can kick open your door to enter. The doorcloser shuts your door behind you and Narrowband automatically locks.

In-home delivery digital keys

Safely receive packages into your home with in-home delivery digital keys (opt-in). Say goodbye to porch pirates. When a delivery driver arrives at your house with your package, they scan the Narrowband QR code on your door, and the package barcode to trigger an unlock command. If the tracking numbers from the scans line up, your door unlocks just once, and your delivery driver slides your package into your house without setting a foot inside.  

Easily share digital keys

Narrowband Smartlock comes with free Digital Keys apps for Android and iOS iPhone. Download from the App Store and Google Play store. You can make a digital key in seconds and email it to friends and family(direct download in the app) and it has unlimited digital keys. You can also cancel the digital keys at anytime.

Works with keycards

Narrowband Smartlock also operates like a keycard system commonly used in offices and hotels with Near Field Communications (NFC) inside - great backup if your phone runs out of batteries.  Keep a keycard in your wallet, and attach a fob to your child's school backpack. Write to keycards/tokens with the digital keys app on NFC compatible phones.

Easy Install

All you need is a screwdriver to install Narrowband Smartlock - installation takes only around 10 to 20 minutes - you don't need to change your existing locks. Narrowband attaches to your existing deadbolt on the inside of your door. 

Always alert like an alarm

Narrowband Smartlock senses any door movement (e.g vibrations) when it’s locked. You’ll receive a notification anywhere in the world if anyone tampers with your door, or tries to force your door open.  

Live activity logs

Narrowband smartlock sends you a message everytime your door is unlocked so you always know who is coming or going. You'll know when your kids get home from school, or what time a carer arrives.

Unprecedented Security

Works with NB-IoT

NarrowBand Smartlock uses NB IoT technology which exists on mobile networks enabling you to take advantage of the most sophisticated security features and encryptions already in-built into the mobile networks.

Superior Encryption

Take advantage of mobile network encryption and security features throughout including IP security, Private VPN, 2048 bit RSA Chipset security, and 256 bit SSL encryption. Also utilises AWS security features. And only yo have access to your data

Licenced Technology

As the only globally licenced IoT communication technology (by GSMA/3GPP) Mobile Operators guarantee that the device that sends data to the cloud is authorized, and encrypted and no one has replaced it with another. 



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