Go touchless with NB-IoT deadbolt attachment lock


Touchless, keyless entry without having to change your locks - installs on the inside of your door and automatically unlocks


Say goodbye to touching door handles and metal keys

Installs on your deadbolt on the inside of your door, and connects to the internet with NB-IoT. The smartlock senses when your phone is nearby, so it automatically unlocks your door for you so you don't have to touch your door handles.

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Narrowband Smartlock is easy to install - you don’t have to replace your existing door lock (or your keys), and you don’t need a professional. All you need is a screwdriver.

Easy install on inside of your door

Connect to the global IoT network

With tiny modems and SIM cards inside our smartlocks connect to the internet with NB-IoT communications technology (part of the 5G standards). Also included is a 500MB pre-paid data plan which typically lasts around 3 years (assuming 5 lock activations a day)

When a delivery driver arrives at your house with your package, they can scan the smartlock QR code on your door, and the package barcode to trigger an unlock command. Your door unlocks just once, and your delivery driver slides your package iside without setting a foot inside.  

Safely receive parcels inside

Always alert like an alarm

Narrowband Smartlock senses any door movement (e.g vibrations) when it’s locked. You’ll receive a notification anywhere in the world if anyone tampers with your door, or tries to force your door open. 

How Digital Keys for Deliveries Works


Step 1 

Copy/enter your tracking number into the digital keys app


Step 2 

Delivery driver scans your smartlock QR code on your door 


Step 3 

Delivery driver scans your parcel bar code


Step 4 

If scans match, door unlocks once, delivery driver slides your package inside

Download the Digital Keys App

Use the digital keys app to create time-sensitive digital keys to unlock all of your doors. Download from the App store and the Google Play store


What's in the Box​


1 x NB IoT smart deadbolt attachment

3 x NFC keycards

1 x iSIM Card +

500MB pre-paid data*

1 x door open/close sensor

1 x NFC card reader


You'll also need.....

To download the FREE Digital Keys App to activate your SIM card and subscription. You'll also need 4 AA standard alkaline batteries which you can get in any supermarket.


*Connects to the Global IoT network available in 20 countries - see our list of available countries here

500 MB pre-paid data plans last approximately 5 years (based on 3-5 activations a day) and can be recharged at our Global IoT Network provider 1NCE

Technical Specifications


Diameter 9.85cm (H&W)

Width 4.85cm


Aluminium body/mounting plate, ABS plastic battery cover



4AA standard alkaline batteries

2 years life (approx) 4-5 openings a day.


NB IoT module - Ublox SARA - R410M 

NFC Mifare, CPU, BLE

SIM card

Nano iSIM on participating local mobile network operators

Unlocking methods

PIN, Keycards (time-sensitive)

iOS, Android smartphone app unlocking, remote unlock in software


NB-IoT (part of 5G standards), NFC (local opening with keycards and NFC phones), LTE-M, CAT-M (2G/3G fallback)