By Steve Dunn May 2020 

By supporting our Kickstarter campaign (see Kickstarter page here), you can improve your home security, and help stop the spread of COVID-19 by not having to touch your door handles. You will also be playing a part in helping develop a smarter city for a better quality of life for all of us in other ways. But wait, how does this project also improve our quality of life in other ways? 

Our Kickstarter project can also help raise awareness about how smart ‘IoT’ devices in buildings and local environments, can improve security and safety, promote sustainable operations, and also manage resource use more efficiently. The applications for this smart Narrowband-IoT technology are almost limitless. For example smart street lights can come on when pedestrian traffic is detected saving electricity; smart garbage cans can prompt rubbish collection when needed; smartphone apps can alert drivers of open parking spaces; smart electricity meters can collect live usage data for better power management, distribution and load shedding.

By 2050, 66% of the world’s population is expected to live in urban areas. Smart devices and data analytics can help cities with the daily challenge of supplying basic resources like safe food; clean water; sufficient energy; safety and security, whilst at the same time ensuring overall economic, social and environmental sustainability. And as city populations grow they are becoming increasingly reliant on digital services, interactivity, and connectivity. To solve these challenges, Telecommunication companies play a critical role. They deliver the connectivity services and the infrastructure to make smart cities work. The data from their mobile networks can also be anonymized, aggregated and analysed to help city stakeholders improve services and better manage resource use.

But telecommunication companies cannot deliver smarter cities on their own. Through strong partnerships, telecommunication companies can provide end-to-end solutions to cities and help them solve the challenges around transportation, healthcare, security, air pollution, utilities and more. 

For the last few years whilst we’ve been developing our smartlock solution in collaboration with telecommunication companies, we’ve seen them work with utility and energy companies to roll out tens of millions of smart electricity meters and smart water meters across the globe. For example by the start of 2020, over 98 million smart meters had been installed in US houses covering more than 70 percent of all U.S. households. But at the same time, only around 7 million smartlocks had been sold in the USA — smartlocks have not been as popular as other smart devices. Smartlocks have been plagued with bad reputations, hacking, short battery life, and unreliability issues. That’s because until now, smartlocks have only been able to use technologies such as Wi-Fi which is inappropriate for use in smartlocks and its insecure — Wi-Fi was not built for smart device communications. Wi-Fi was built for people downloading and streaming large data where security was not the biggest issue. 

Narrowband-IoT technology is built specifically for smart devices such as smartlocks, and offers so many better features, better affordability and better security than its Wi-Fi counterparts. By coming together to back this Kickstarter campaign now, it also helps validate to our company and our telecommunications partners that we should be allocating more resources to building this touchless Narrowband smartlock which solves many security and safety problems.


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