Digital Keys for in-home deliveries

By Steve Dunn August 2020 

When you bring devices online the possibilities for how the device can be used is almost limitless. For example, when you bring millions of electricity meters online, you can monitor usage of the electricity network as a whole in real-time, and using analytics, you can predict when loads on the grid will be higher or lower. With this information, discounts can then be offered during off-peak times for users, and the the system can be better managed so as to reduce overload/blackouts. 

In example with physical security there are many , hospitals, doctors’ offices, and health insurance companies need to comply with HIPAA health data regulations regarding controlling and restricting physical access to rooms/cabinets that hold patient’s folders/data and medicines.

With digital keys, you'll never have to make anyone ever drive across town or go anywhere to pick up their key again. Authorised users can simply download a digital key to their phone in seconds.  The digital key can also be time-limited and set to schedules, so that users and managers don't have to make various digital keys all the time. Also a digital key can never be lost, and you will never need to replace locks. Digital Keys can be deleted online in lock management software in seconds. Also you won't need to inspect the site either. Your NB IoT smartlock that the digital key works for is connected to the internet with its own unique IP address  - meaning you can track its location; you can get tampering alerts if anyone attempts to break in; and you will always know who accessed that lock at what time. With digital keys you can control, manage and maintain your cabinets, gates, boxes, and rooms remotely and take advantage of significant cost savings.


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